Friday, November 30, 2018
Meet our Operations Manager Christine Caldwell

Christine Now Leasing Nashville

At NowLeasing, a family-owned business, a distinct spirit of family and camaraderie, of looking out for each other and for our customers, is what influences the culture and tone inside our offices.

We’ve said it before but we can never say it enough – each of our employees is an important member of our team, valued for his or her unique strengths and years of experience. It’s our hope that, by sharing a bit about each one with you, you’ll understand just what makes the NowLeasing family so unique within the Corporate Housing and Relocation industry.

Today, we are excited to introduce you to…Christine Lea Caldwell!

Christine is the Operations Manager, the “Ship Captain”,  at our Nashville branch. She is bright, friendly, helpful and full of confidence – this lady can do just about anything! Christine is our newbie – she joined our team in April of 2018 after spending 4 years in the real estate world, where she managed some of Nashville’s Top Producer real estate teams, at 3 different brokerages in the Downtown area. This managerial experience has been invaluable as she has transitioned into her vital role with us.

An integral part of Christine’s day-to-day job is assisting individuals and corporations who are in need of or currently in residence at NowLeasing’s Nashville properties. She enjoys managing reservations, speaking with clients and assisting them with their various needs, but as a self-described “Numbers Person” she also gets to utilize her many strengths by digging deeper into the company’s daily operations to manage, update and create new systems. She likes gathering information and really getting down to brass tacks, researching rental rates, profit & loss, and analyzing how many of which type of units they need to meet Nashville’s temporary housing needs. 

These logistical strengths, along with the company’s culture of support and the Now Leasing team’s synergy, were behind one of her greatest moments on the job. Recently, not just one but two large film crews were coming to Nashville and in need of housing for their production crew and cast members.

Christine and her team were able to prepare 30+ units – including special requests for furnishings, floor plans, unit location and amenities – in a span of only 2 weeks. “This was a real eye-opener,” remembers Christine. “It was a lot of work! But I felt it was a huge accomplishment for me with only being with the company for 5 months, and having the trust from, not only our President but my team, to lead this project was super validating. Everyone here works so well together and is willing to get in there and help.”

4 more things you should know about Christine…

She’s a Unicorn.

With thousands of people moving to Nashville each month, it’s getting more and more uncommon to find a native of the city – hence the name “unicorn”. But Christine, who moved here with her family when she was 7 years old and spent her formative years attending Nashville schools (Brentwood High Bruins), considers herself one of them. She’s loved watching Nashville grow and especially appreciates how welcoming and friendly its people are.

She’s a soccer fiend.

Christine played WPSL professional soccer  in 2015 upon returning to Nashville after completing her double major in Marketing & Entrepreneurship at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. AND her boyfriend is currently a member of Inter Nashville’s professional soccer club. So if she’s not at work and not at home, it’s likely you’ll find her at the soccer field.

She just finished fostering her 34th dog.

You read that right. Christine has a soft spot for rescue Pitbulls and has at least one foster dog at all times. Of the 34, 2 have made their way permanently into her heart and home: Gracie, who was her 18th foster pet, and Kingston, adopted earlier this month.

She’s got the perfect recommendation for you if you’re following the Carnivore Diet.

Christine (who does not follow the Carnivore Diet but does enjoy new dining experiences!) loves to recommend one of her favorite downtown Nashville destinations for those in need of a fun, filling dining experience. Rodizio Grill is a Brazilian steakhouse known for its mouthwatering meats and delicious cocktails. “Just make sure you don’t eat much for the whole day before you go!” she advises.

If you’re looking for a short-term, corporate suite in Nashville, Christine will be happy to take good care of you. Give her a call today!