Wednesday, November 14, 2018
The Relocation Queen Employee Spotlight on Laura Rendon

Now Leasing Laura Rendon

NowLeasing is a family-owned business, and it’s this spirit of family and camaraderie, of looking out for each other and for our customers, that influences the culture and tone inside our offices.

Each of our employees is an important member of our team, valued for his or her unique strengths and years of experience. It’s our hope that, by sharing a bit about each one with you, you’ll understand just what makes the NowLeasing family so unique within the corporate housing and relocation industry.

First up…meet Laura Rendon!

Laura is a relocation specialist at our Memphis branch. Talking with Laura is like standing in a warm ray of sunshine! She is relatable and professional, and her genuine concern for the well-being of others comes through loud and clear.

Laura has been an integral part of NowLeasing Memphis for five and a half years, coming to us after a decade of working as a relocation consultant all over the country. This experience makes her an expert in several fields, including real estate, hospitality and customer service.

Laura’s main job is to assist corporations and individuals in need of Now Leasing’s temporary housing. She works closely with HR reps, executives who are hiring and recruiting people into the city and corporations who are relocating employees.

One of her finest moments as a Now Leasing specialist came when she, along with others on her team, pulled off an executive move for someone who had moved several times all over the country with multiple relocation services. Laura worked hard to offer personalized service, understanding how much-individualized attention matters in the midst of the stress and discomfort that come with a big move.

Once settled, this executive reached out to let the Now Leasing team know what an exceptional job they had done. “He said his experience with us was the best of the many companies he had worked with,” Laura remembers. “For a smaller firm, this was a very telling experience. Being family-owned makes a big difference. We’re not a huge, impersonal corporation. The people who work here care about the business that we’re in. This experience reminded us that we’re really doing it right.”

4 more things you should know about Laura…

1. She’s a native Memphian

Laura was born and raised in Memphis and her hometown-love runs deep. Her favorite part of her job is bringing people into the Memphis area and helping them feel that same sense of pride. She knows that for families coming into an unfamiliar city, much is required to help them feel comfortable and at home. Laura understands the importance of providing these families more than just a temporary place to live – she works hard to help them feel a sense of belonging.

2. She lives in a house full of boys.

With five boys (yes, that’s 5!) and a husband at home, Laura doesn’t find much spare time when she’s away from the office. When she does grab a moment for herself, though, you can bet she’ll do something she describes as “girly.” Laura likes to shop, and when she’s feeling creative and crafty she loves to paint.

3. She loves Memphis for its small-town feel, even in the midst of recent growth.

Laura has seen a lot of changes in the city since her childhood growing up in Memphis. Even with the recent surge of growth, however, she appreciates that it’s retained its hometown sense of friendliness and hospitality. She describes Memphis as a very philanthropic place where you’ll find a great deal of charitable giving and where businesses make a point to invest back into their communities.

4. If you really want to make her day, take her to play some outdoor games. (Don’t forget the MacDaddy cocktail!)

As someone who’s lived there all her life, Laura has many favorite spots to go for fun in Memphis, including Mud Island and the South Main Arts District. Recently, Laura has been enjoying Memphis’ new outdoor gathering places, including Carolina Watershed (an outdoor “playground” for all ages that also serves up some delicious food and drinks) and Railgarten (a 1.5 acre spot in Midtown with plenty of space for outside games, a ping pong bar, gourmet ice cream and mouth-watering diner fare).

She appreciates these places for giving friends a place to gather and build community, resulting in an even stronger sense of that hometown feeling she loves so much.

If you’re looking for a short-term, corporate suite in Memphis, Laura will take good care of you. Give her a call today!